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Our Xquip game court is the easiest and safest way to turn any deck space into a state-of-the-art game court.

Our strong and lightweight carbon fiber poles are designed to fit the existing deck fittings of the yachts railing. Besides the fundamental pole and net construction we offer a complete range of other game court accessories to complement any lay-out such as but not limited to; baskets, carbon fiber goals and artificial grass.

Additional speakers and lightning are optional to install in the corner poles. Installation is quick and simple, and can be done in no time by two people. It’s game time!

It is the simplest system on the market by design making it quick and easy to set-up and stow away after usage.
Lightweight & longlasting
All the poles are manufactured out of carbon fiber making them not only extremely light, but also corrosion resistant to last for decades.
We provide the maintenance service for your custom game court ensuring any damage will be repaired and any missing part can be reordered.


Standard pole lenght
Standard pole diameter
50mm or 60mm
Corner pole lenght (including lighting mast)
Corner pole diameter
Extra options
  • Poles can have a high gloss or matt carbon finish or painted in any color
  • The deck mount is manufactured from Aluminium, Delrin, or Steel.
  • Masts with with LED lighting up to about 12.000 lux can be installed on the corner poles
  • Corner poles equipped with high quality sound system
  • Carbon fiber goals in any size
  • Carbon fiber basket


Telescopic lighting mast

Telescopic lighting mast

Installation of the light mast is easy with the top part down. After the mast is secured in place the top part is hoisted upwards to a height of about 6 meters.

Simple & effective design

Simple & effective design

We managed to keep the whole system simple compared to the industry’s standard. The set-up process consists of only 4 steps allowing a short installation time. The whole court can be installed by 2 persons. Dedicated storage bags for the poles and netting facilitate an effective storage routine.

Concealed tensioning system

Concealed tensioning system

The functional systems are concealed within the poles, giving a clean look and more importantly; nothing to catch yourself on during sports. A pulley system makes tensioning the nets easy while an automatic line retractor prevents lines from hanging loose inside your playground.


Football goal


The Xquip carbon goal is the perfect addition to the Xquip carbon game court